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               2020-21 SEASON                      CLASS OFFERINGS & SCHEDULE 

          6 WEEK SPRING SERIES          See below

Classes starting at age 2.5 

Our dress code requirements for each class are stipulated at registration

Our goal is to nurture, develop, challenge, and cultivate self-expression and self-confidence.  UPAC offers a professional and disciplined atmosphere in the study of dance. Our diverse staff includes professional dancers, choreographers, and educators who enthusiastically share their years of experience with our students.  Classes will be held in person and virtually simultaneously.         Our class schedule is subject to change as the COVID-19 guidelines may change.  

Creative Movement – ages 2.5 (by Oct. 1st) – 3.5yrs.             Saturday 9:00-9:45am                 Specifically created for our younger students, this class is designed to structure these youthful expressions in a fun & educational way. It combines movement with music and song, which helps to develop rhythm, coordination, and motor skills, as well as listening and social skills.

Preschool – ages 3.5 (by Oct. 1st) – 5yrs.                                  Thursday 4:15pm & Saturday 10:00am
This one hour class provides a foundation of skills for creative expression through ballet, tap and creative movement techniques. An enjoyment of music and movement as well as a positive self-image is our primary goals. 

Combo – Kindergarteners                                                          Tuesday 4:30pm & Saturday 11:15am
This one hour class is a combination of ballet & tap.  Students will continue to develop their basic fundamentals in each discipline for a half hour each.

Mini – 1st & 2nd graders                                                               Monday 4:00pm                                   This hour and a half class consists of ballet, tap and jazz. Students will continue to learn new steps, expand their dance vocabulary and begin learning the fundamentals of jazz.

Hip Hop -     Level III         8-12th graders             Friday 8:15pm   

                        Level I            3-4th grader                Friday 5:45pm

                        Level II           5-7th graders              Friday 7:00pm                                                

Students learn the latest in hip-hop and street dance. This one hour class includes warm-up followed by age-appropriate dance combinations. Emphasis is on developing individual style.


Ballet – by placement only               

Level – I             Thursday 5:30pm *1 hour class

Level – II           Tuesday 5:45pm & Thursday 6:45pm *1 hour class meets twice a week

Intermediate     Tuesday 5:45pm & Thursday 6:15pm *1.5 hour class meets twice a week

Teen                   Thursday 8:00pm *1.5 hour class

Advanced         Tuesday 8:00pm & Thursday 8:00pm *1.5 hour class meets twice a week

Students will start by learning vocabulary and positions of classical ballet. A sensible and fun approach is used to teach correct placement and alignment, which will provide an excellent foundation. Students will progress to exercises at the barre and in center that are aimed at improving balance, control, and coordination. Students will also learn spatial awareness, dynamics, and artistry of movement. Exercises are created to enhance the student's individual qualities, raise their technical level, and focuses on healthy techniques to create strong and flexible bodies.


Pre-Pointe - by placement only, student must take at least 3 hours of ballet per week.          

Tuesday 7:15pm

This half hour class will concentrate on developing and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Students will be evaluated mid-season to determine if they are ready for pointe shoes.


Pointe - by placement only, student must take at least 3 hours of ballet per week.           

Wednesday 7:45-8:45pm

In order to be able to dance en pointe, a dancer must have had time to achieve the form, strength, turnout, balance and alignment needed to make a successful transition into pointe work. Proper technique is required to be able to properly rise on the toes without risks of injury. Students will be evaluated to determine if they are physically ready to meet the demands of pointe work.


Jazz – by placement only

Level – I             Wednesday 4:30pm

Level – II           Wednesday 6:15pm

Intermediate     Wednesday 4:30pm

Teen                   Wednesday 8:00pm

Advanced         Wednesday 6:15pm

Every hour and a half class will begin with a warm-up and stretches, concentrating on correct placement and followed by across the floor progressions. These progressions consist of leaps, turns, kicks and jumps. Class concludes with a stylistically challenging combination in any of the following jazz styles; lyrical, contemporary, modern, and street jazz.  It is a high energy class that promises to be fun filled!


Tap - by placement only

Level – I             Monday 5:45pm

Level – II           Monday 7:00pm

Intermediate    Monday 7:00pm

Teen                  Monday 8:15pm

Advanced        Monday 8:15pm

Dancers will use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. Dancers will be exposed to various styles of tap including Broadway, Classical and Hoofing. In this one hour class a dancer will learn a series of basic steps and build more difficulty into the combinations, speed and rhythmic patterns as they advance. The objective is to produce clean, clear sounds while stylizing the upper body.



Musical Theater – 4th – 9th grade        Monday 4:30-6:00pm     Spring Series Starting April 12th  

(class must have 5 or more students registered)  *Not available virtually

Learn about the most essential elements of musical theater, singing, acting & dancing!  Students use theater games, storytelling and role-playing to stretch their imaginations and discover the endless creativity in themselves. During this hour and a half class students will work on vocal techniques, proper breathing, diction, projection and basic dance choreography.   During the six weeks, students will learn and perform a scene consisting of a script, song and dance from a Broadway Show.


Acrobatics/Tumbling – 1st grade and up     Saturday's               Spring  Series Starting April 10th 

(class must have 5 or more students registered)   *Not available virtually

Acro 1 - 10:15-11:15    ages 1st-3rd

Acro 2 - 11:30- 12:30   ages 4th & up

This one hour class will focus on basic tumbling skills such as rolls and cartwheels and progress to more advanced skills such as walkovers, aerials and handsprings. Students will learn tricks they can use in dance and cheerleading.


Adult Tap      Tuesday  7:45-8:45                                                     Spring Series Starting April 13th   

Adult Salsa    Friday     7:30-8:30                                                    TBA


The Dress Code is our in-house retail store that carries all items required for classes. In addition we carry UPAC paraphernalia.

Requirements for Classes
Our dress code requirements for each class are stipulated at registration and will be enforced to maintain UPAC's high standards.